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Actingworks began a few years ago when our founder, Bebie Waller, was looking for interesting after-school activities for her son, who was at that time in primary school.

Being an actress with years of experience in theatre, film, television, radio, and teaching actors in New York, she opened a drama class for local children.

Having studied education and how children learn, she decided to develop this further, as a programme of classes exploring performing arts, music, literacy, as well as foreign language clubs and other fun activities for children, including children with special needs.

The Actingworks team is composed of a group of educators coming from a range of different and backgrounds, including acting, dance, music, teaching and visual arts. The whole team has a passion for teaching and learning, and aim to share that passion by providing meaningful and fun experiences that will leave a positive impact on the children.


“Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.” 

-Booker T. Washington


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