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    While some parents may not consider that art education is as important as literacy or numeracy in their child’s curriculum, simple creative activities are some of the building blocks of a child’s development. Learning to create and appreciate visual aesthetics is as important as ever for the development of the next generation of children.

    The list of benefits is extensive. Arts & crafts can definitely help your child to develop many skills that will be used later on.


    Improve Coordination

    Arts and crafts usually involve children working with both hands, and involve them moving their hands in a particular manner. This helps them develop their bilateral coordination and fine motor skills.


    Improve Fine Motor Skills

    Fine motor skills are nothing more than small movements. When you pick up tiny objects, hold a fork or spoon, or manipulate a pen or pencil to draw, you are employing fine motor skills.


    Improve Important Visual Processing Abilities

    As an adult, you notice patterns, colours and physical improbabilities without thinking twice. That is because when you worked on crafts and your artistic efforts were promoted as a child, you were improving your visual processing skills. This cognitive development is very important in your child’s early years. By making them identify primary colours and objects, we boost your child’s visual processing capabilities both now and later in life.


    Promote Executive Functioning

    Executive functioning means focusing attention, controlling impulses and using working memory. All of those skills are effectively promoted when you break out the crayons, craft paper, scissors and glue and sit down for some quality arts and crafts time with your child. These skills help to guide planned behaviour, and can indicate the potential for later professional and academic success.


    Build Self-Esteem

    Arts and crafts activities empower children with positive emotional responses to learning. They understand that they have created something, and when we encourage and promote this creativity, your child enjoys a feeling of self-esteem.


    Build Self-Expression

    Arts and crafts are a great way to allow children to express themselves, as children tend to be very visually expressive about the things that happen around them and in their heads. For children who are shy and reserved, parents should have even more reason to encourage them to carry out arts and crafts activities, as this can give the parents some insight into what their child is feeling, thinking, or experiencing.


    Encourage Creativity

    A child’s imagination has no limits, and arts and crafts provide a great way for children to explore their imagination and use it to produce something fantastic! Arts and crafts encourage children to be creative and innovative, which could further nurture other artistic talents.


    Which ages can enrol?


    In our Lego Club we accept children from all ages.


    Get in touch for more information on our timetable and prices.


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