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    Learning a language is a wonderful opportunity for children to broaden their view of the world; it means understanding and learning to speak, read, write, listen and think in another way, and to explore and appreciate the wealth of knowledge that is part of each language and its culture.

    In evaluating the effect of learning more than one language in children, it has been established that language learning assists in helping children understand other cultures from the world and increases their global awareness – which is a critical skill in the 21st century. As children become adults, they will live and work in a society that is considered to be global. It is a fact that most careers involve working and interacting with individuals from different regions of the world on a regular basis. Additionally, it is probably that there will be local business interactions in a person’s career that will require them to interact with someone who is not a native English speaker.


    Advantages of your child learning another language:



    Your child learns to communicate in the language and develops an understanding that there is more than one way to interact with people.


    Your child learns about how languages work, and their literacy skills are enhanced because a clear link exists between learning another language and literacy development in English.

    Critical thinking

    Your child’s analytical skills are increased along with their ability to transfer skills across languages.


    Your child’s problem-solving skills are enhanced along with thinking laterally and working collaboratively.


    Your child’s self-confidence, self-esteem, resilience and tolerance are increased.


    Your child develops an understanding and respect for other cultures, people, their ideas and ways of thinking.


    Your child’s career opportunities will be greater in an increasingly globalised market.


    Which ages can enrol?


    In our Spanish club we accept children from 5 up.


    Get in touch for more information on our timetable and prices.


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