Frederic Walker


Freddie is from London, and is the proof-reader for the Actingworks website. He has been working for Actingworks since March, polishing the English of the webpages and ensuring that they are consistent.

He left school in 2015 with A-Levels in History, Geography and English Language. After leaving school Freddie travelled Europe by train with a group of friends, which was a fantastic experience allowing him to learn about the history of many of Europe’s most culturally rich cities.

He is taking time out before deciding whether to go to university; in the meantime he has worked for John Lewis, and then with the London Transport Museum as a volunteer researcher on their Battle Bus project, looking at the history of London Buses used in the First World War. He is now working for the National Maritime Museum.

Freddie’s ambition is to work in the tabletop roleplaying game industry, and he is currently working on publishing content for roleplaying games online. He is a regular at comic-cons, making his own costumes for each event.


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