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Amaia Martin-Alfonso


My name is Amaia Martin and I am a passionate native speaking Spanish tutor.
Although I come from a beautiful city in the north of Spain called San Sebastian, I have been living in London for 5 years.
My background is in Tourism, having studied my degree at the University of Deusto back in Spain.
As there are some teachers in my family, education has always been very present in my life, and this has led me to take the plunge and decide to get into education.
I believe that the basis of a successful education is a good fusion of excellence and enjoyment. Children learn better when they are excited and engaged and it is the teacher’s job to make it happen.
My journey with Actingworks
I joined Actingworks at the beginning of February as a volunteer in the Arts & Crafts Club and leading the Spanish Club on Wednesday as a teacher.
Bebie and her team have been very welcoming and are giving me the opportunity to keep developing my teaching and art skills while having fun with them and the children.




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