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Bebie Waller


My name is Bebie Waller, the programme director of Actingworks UK.

I began Actingworks a few years ago when I was looking for some interesting after-school activities for my son. My career had been in theatre, TV and radio and I had done some teaching in New York. I was a founding member of a repertory theatre called Avalon, in New York and we had our own theatre on Broadway. I had written for theatre and radio also, as well as having directed and produced many shows during my first career. After studying education and how children learn I set about developing a programme of classes exploring performing arts, music, literacy and numeracy support, foreign language clubs and other fun activities for children and their families.

Working with children has been a joy throughout my career as an actress, coach and mentor. My passion for theatre, film, music, dance, reading, yoga and many other things that life has to offer is highly infectious. If you think you would like to catch it we can help!



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