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Florencia Nannetti


I am Florencia, and I was born and raised in the wonderfully hectic city of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. I came to London two years ago, without any intention of staying. But this city charmed me completely since the very first day, and I made the resolution to stay!

Raised by a family of artists, piano players and teachers, I’ve been in contact with arts and education since I was a little child. It then came as no surprise when I opted for a BA complemented by a Teacher Training Course in Arts, and afterwards an MA in Fine Arts (which I’m currently undertaking).

Performing arts were not unknown to me. I’ve always undertaken drama classes during my student years at different theatres of Buenos Aires, and I’ve practised aerial acrobatics for nearly four years now, both for leisure and participating in performances held at diverse circuses around the city. And of course, I’ve also been a clown at the circus, which would explain the funny faces that pass across my face from time to time!

When I came to London, Actingworks warmly invited me to get involved with the Arts & Crafts and Drama lessons, and the creativity and incredible positive energy that emanated from the teachers, the children and the whole project itself made me want to stay.

At the same time, I began to work as a historical walks provider for a prestigious company, where I focus on geographical and historical centres of the city, and guide adults and children, taking them on a most exciting trip through the ages, and make characters and events come to life through my lively and compelling storytelling and acting.

My journey with Actingworks

And so I’ve decided to focus once more on what I’m good at, and have started to give educational walks of London as a part of Actingworks, as another means of expanding adults’ and children’s knowledge, providing enriching, meaningful and nourishing experiences of this fantastic city which will definitely awaken love for and interest in London.



Fine Arts

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