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Pantchika Bur


My name is Pantchika Bur and I initially trained and worked in France as an interior designer, eventually becoming a project manager in a multi-arts centre. Then I worked as a senior project manager in a creative corporate events company.

After moving to London in 2003 I took up photography. I graduated with a BTEC in Photography in 2009 and with a BA First Class Honours in Photography from the University of Westminster in 2012. Since then I have been working as a freelance photographer.


My journey with Actingworks

I decided to join Actingworks as a volunteer tutor to share my passion for Photography and Art with children and to improve my teaching abilities. Being dynamic and enthusiastic with strong interpersonal skills, I hope to help the children to develop their creativity and their photographic skills. Moreover, I would like to show them the endless possibilities that amazing medium has to offer. In the future I want to continue teaching photography as well as developing my own work.



Photography & Interior Designer

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About Actingworks

The Actingworks team is composed of a group of educators coming from a range of different and fascinating backgrounds, including acting, dance, music, teaching, fitness, visual arts and tour-guiding.

The whole team have a passion for teaching and learning and aim to share that passion by providing meaningful and fun experiences that will leave a positive imprint on our audience.

Actingworks was created to provide educational and interactive activities for children, adults and anybody with an eager inner child. We present a friendly, interesting and fun way for you to learn, live and have fun in your city.

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