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Radostina Yakubova


My name is Radostina Yakubova and I am originally from Bulgaria. I lived in a very small town in the south-west part of the country up to the age of 13, when, in order to continue my education, I had to move to a bigger city.

My high school specialty was in economics; however, by the last year I already knew that I wanted to go in a different direction as my strength seemed to be in literature, history, and psychology. I chose to study psychology and I graduated from university with a Bachelor’s (Honors) Degree.

During my studies I had the chance to practise in preschool, secondary and high schools, where I had the opportunity to observe and support the work of educational psychologists and special educational needs specialists. We worked mainly in mainstream schools with children/pupils from different backgrounds, including those with special needs like emotional and behavioral difficulties, children on the autistic spectrum, children with ADHD, and others.

Since I moved to London I have worked in different fields (hospitality, customer service) but I have always known that I wanted to go back to my specialty. Alongside English and ICT courses, I’ve also completed a Support Teaching and Learning in Schools Course (Level 2 Award) and I continue to do more courses and trainings, read related books and search for ways to improve my knowledge and further develop my skills, particularly specializing in SEN. It can at times be challenging and demanding work, but the rewards outweigh anything else. Helping a child flourish with skills that they can use for the rest of their life is priceless.


My journey with Actingworks

My journey with Actingworks started in Sep 2015. While doing my course I was looking to gain practical experience here in London, so I applied to volunteer with Actingworks’ Lego Club. I was really excited and happy to work with children again in this great atmosphere and soon I joined the Arts and Crafts Club too, (as I work more closely with our children with special needs). It`s amazing to see how through all the fun and interactive activities children learn and improve skills, build confidence, self-esteem and positive relationships. The energy and enthusiasm of Bebie and Jennifer and the rest of the team is contagious. It’s been a great experience and I love being part of this amazing team!




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About Actingworks

The Actingworks team is composed of a group of educators coming from a range of different and fascinating backgrounds, including acting, dance, music, teaching, fitness, visual arts and tour-guiding.

The whole team have a passion for teaching and learning and aim to share that passion by providing meaningful and fun experiences that will leave a positive imprint on our audience.

Actingworks was created to provide educational and interactive activities for children, adults and anybody with an eager inner child. We present a friendly, interesting and fun way for you to learn, live and have fun in your city.

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